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To paraphrase a blogger who is far more glamorous than me, like London needs another working mum blogging about her life. But hey, sometimes when you have a laptop on your knees in between serving oven chips and leftovers and starting bedtime you wonder how you became that woman, why you did and how you feel about it. Sometimes I even probe further - who is THAT woman, and did I ever aspire to be her? Do I like her? Could I learn to? Which is why I've started this blog...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Repeat to fade

All I want is a good night's sleep
I love Newborn dearly but I don't want to hear a peep
So he'd better learn to count some sheep
'Cos a good night's sleep would be loverly LOV-ER-LY

You have more than a room somewhere
A lovely cot built with swearing and care
Monkey, giraffe, your book and a bear
So why, won't you sleep, my loverly? LOV-ER-LY

Your face is as perfect as a face could be
You're like a tyrant sweetheart, can't you see?
I know like you the fault lies with me
But some sleep (you know sleep?) would be loverly. LOV-ER-LY

I love you more than I ever could say
And I almost love our midnight play
But I really do long for the day
When you sleep for a night my loverly. LOV-ER-LY

On saturday you turn will one
A baby no more, you're a toddler my son
A year? Surely you know the battle is won...
So please let me sleep my little one. LITTLE ONE

I want you happy and loved you know
And safe and warm 'til the morning glow
But I'd cut off a finger or a toe
For just one full sleep my lover-ly. LOV-ER-LY

I know this isn't a traditional song
Writing it down seems a little bit wrong
But by God I really do long
For a good night's sleep my lover-ly.


  1. Oooo I hear you. Will be singing this song to my own son later tonight I think!

  2. Tis a terrible thing, the lack of sleep. Almost as terrible as my singing.