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To paraphrase a blogger who is far more glamorous than me, like London needs another working mum blogging about her life. But hey, sometimes when you have a laptop on your knees in between serving oven chips and leftovers and starting bedtime you wonder how you became that woman, why you did and how you feel about it. Sometimes I even probe further - who is THAT woman, and did I ever aspire to be her? Do I like her? Could I learn to? Which is why I've started this blog...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts...

Here are both boys looking cute they are, transformed by what is still one of my most treasured baby gifts from a fellow film geek. But which is which?


  1. my guess - top pic is your older boy, bottom pic your newborn? LOVE the hat! Where did your friend get it from?

  2. good guess! the hat is part of a full yoda costume that a wonderful wonderful colleague of mine bought when I was pregnant with my first. I will try and find a web reference.

  3. I think she ordered hers from the States but here is a link to the same one from play: http://www.play.com/Toys/Toys/4-/12769522/Yoda-Fancy-Dress-Costume/Product.html?_$ja=tsid:11518|cat:12769522|prd:12769522

  4. Great, Thanks - I will check it out!